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Work Doodles by kitsune2022
Work Doodles
Does it count as Inktober if most of these weren't drawn in October? This is a compilation of doodles accumulated while at work. Some of these I like a fair amount and might refine later.

Among the random bits and pieces are doodles of my pet snake, concept for bug people, tiny Spidermans, Cansa (warrior tiger guy), and one robot loosely inspired by Destiny.
I Come With Knives by kitsune2022
I Come With Knives
Loosely inspired by this song:…

Alright, I needed to post this or else I'd be tweaking it till the end of time. This thing has been in the works for months and at this point I can't tell if I think it turned out awesome or if I want to bury it and continue picking at it till I'm sure I'm satisfied with it (which would have been never). So for now I'm just going to toss it up just to commit to it being done and over with.

Originally it was going to be much more surreal with the torso and head sliced open and floating with gold blood etc but then I drew the body and liked it too much to hack it to pieces. 6_6 I figured, eh, she still looks like a cool warrior lady and I've been enjoying bendy bodies lately anyway. Maybe one day I'll do an alt version with all the surreal-y bits I originally envisioned.
DON'T LOSE YOUR WAY by kitsune2022
After marathoning Kill la Kill with Triple-Torch-Art I decided I needed to draw his big burly manly man character, Payn, in Ryuko Matoi's battle get up. Just. Had to. It was one of the most fun things to draw ever.
Monsters n Cute by kitsune2022
Monsters n Cute
Sketch dump of beasties and a few cute things with :iconunicornderp:'s Toby and my Sen bein a butt.
Pigeon Inside by kitsune2022
Pigeon Inside
Based off an inside joke between me and Triple-Torch-Art involving pigeons and them being INSIDE.

Featuring our inner demon critters, Trip's being Semaj by Triple-Torch-Art and mine being Inner ish by kitsune2022

Put a nudity warning on it though technically she's supposed to be coated in body paint type stuff so nothing is really showing, just skin tight. But it's hard to tell that soooo there you go.

Creeping in from the Weeds

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 27, 2014, 12:27 PM

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated."

Well I've been pretty half past dead around here, haven't I? Seems to be the running theme, I vanish for a while, then come back and post a bunch of things and disappear again. I think I just get it in my head that once I finish this one thing that I think is cool I'll post it and then everything else. And then the one thing starts to take forever to finish and other side art piles up and I end up facing a wall of things that I now need to upload, write descriptions for, etc.

Alas, the cycle continues. I’ll try to be a little less dead in the future. lD; In the meantime I GOT SO MUCH ART I’M GONNA POST, HOO BOY.



United States
Drawer of monsters and lover of foxes.



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