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Could Have Been Worse

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 29, 2013, 1:23 PM

"Expect problems and eat them for breakfast"
-Alfred A. Montapert

So updates updates updates, good golly. First off, thanks so much you guys for the concern, you're all beautiful souls. ;v; I got my blood tested and after a couple days they called me back and said that no, I do not, in fact, have any forms of arthritis. And frankly I'm about 90% sure that most of the pain I was feeling near the end there was psychological since I was freaking out about it so bad. So yes, the cause my hand pains likely carried over from general non-ergonomic desk situation pain from my arms and shoulders. I never gave anything time to heal so it just kept on going till everything was a massive ball of oh dear lord would you just take two seconds to not do things. x_x So I've instated a self imposed every-other-day rule wherein every other day after I get done with my freelancing work I come home and do nothing that requires the extensive use of my hands. They don't hurt anymore at this point but I'm aiming to keep it that way.

I meant to write up the good news earlier but then holidays happened and then directly afterward my right tonsil swelled up and tried to choke me because it is made of pure evil. I slept through most of the turmoil, but it did wonders for my diet as swallowing anything at all was horribly painful so eating was discouraged. Luckily, I have an immune system worthy of song so the worst of it has past. BUT HO MAN if it's not one thing it's another, jeez.

But on a higher note, I got my contract renewed for January at my freelance job so WOO I will have a paycheck for at least another month! It's good news, but I freaking haaate freelancing. @_@ It's nerve wracking not knowing if I'll have a job next month or the month after. I've been fishing for a normal, full time job, but I keep picking up temporary employment. Again--it's good, it really is good that I have work at all, doing what I went to college for no less--but I would just really really like some measure of job security. OTL I want to buy a house and it's hard to plan that far in the future when I don't know what I'm doing in 3 weeks.

So that's pretty much my life right now, I'm finally getting some steady art done, just at a slower pace than I had pre-hand pain just so I can continue to avoid future hand pain. Job things are stressful and I am still currently getting over my hulk-ed out tonsil episode, but overall, at least things are functioning.

Hope you all had good times over the holidays and have a happy new year and all that jazz. :]




United States
Drawer of monsters and lover of foxes.



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Happy Birthday!
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Happy birthday and enjoy the Blood Moon eclipse tonight :3
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Bitches be shootin teeny fireworks for my birthday, aw yeah.
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Also, inspired to doodle this for you…
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Omigosh it's so effin cute. *u* Thank yoooouuuu
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